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Canadian Interventionist - Drug and Alcohol Intervention

Canadian Interventionist have trained professionals in the field of addiction offering interventions in Vancouver, Ottawa, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary.

Addiction counselling or intervention should begin when a person cannot stop addiction by themselves. A drug and alcohol interventionist provides support to the individuals and their families suffering from addiction.

Addiction can often leave a person feeling isolated, depressed, and misunderstood. At Canadian Interventionist we aim to resolve these feelings by offering insights into a habit and practical ways to overcome it. Schedule an intervention for a family member or friend struggling with addiction. Get useful information, get help, and get on the road to recovery.

Meet The Canadian Interventionist Team

Leonard Jones

A Certified Advanced Clinical Interventionist, Leonard Jones trained under the RAAD Model, using both the Surprise and Invitational Models.

Leonard first got sober in December 2008 and opened Teskey Road To Recovery a year later – a Stage One Mens Recovery/Treatment facility in beautiful Chilliwack, BC.

You can reach Leonard at (778) 539-5255
Kimberly Gosick -

Kimberly Gosick

A nationally recognized interventionist and Recovery coach, Kimberly Gosick began her journey in 2013.

Kimberly’s personal experience of addiction and recovery fuels her desire to impact others in similar situations. Kimberly grasps the full understanding of the addict’s behaviour.

You can reach Kimberly at (778) 539-5255
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With the increase in substance abuse across Canada, Canadian Interventionist offer a professional substance abuse service provider in cities across Canada including, Vancouver, BC, and Hamilton.

The dedicated and loyal team at Canadian Interventionist run treatment programs that have proven to be highly successful in starting the recovery process for an individual and their family.

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