Drug addict intervention Victoria BC

Drug addict intervention Victoria BC

Do you live in Canada and have an addiction? Do you have a loved one addicted to a drug, substance, or harmful activity? Count your addiction as a thing of the past. Canadian Intervention works to help you tapper and eventually quit on your habit. We serve Victoria BC and all other Canadian towns.

What are the Common Drugs of Addiction?

It may seem funny, but some people do not know that certain drugs are addictive and that the risk of addiction whenever they use them. Apart from alcohol and nicotine which are commonly abused, people can get to other legal as well as illegal substances. Amphetamines are addictive substances. They are CNS stimulants. Methadone and benzodiazepines are also drugs of addiction. Drug addict intervention covers the over-the-counter drugs used innocently. The drugs do not cause an addiction if used appropriately. Cocaine, crack, crystal meth, heroin, and ecstasy fall in the drug intervention program as illegal drugs of addiction.

Are there Withdrawal Symptoms?

Drug addict intervention offered by Canadian Intervention requires handling by experts and professionals in the medical field. The drugs of abuse have withdrawal symptoms which can be lethal if not monitored. Withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, anxiety, tremors, sweating, agitation, depression, and psychosis. The addict needs supervision and signs of withdrawal detected and treated promptly during drug addict intervention. People can die if denied the drugs that their bodies have adapted to taking.

Who needs Drug addict intervention?

You must not wait for the drugs to take their full course of you before you seek help. Individuals responded differently when they exposed to drugs and substances. Some adverse effects of drugs have what is known as idiosyncratic manifestations. Each person’s body has their way of dealing with substances. The program is useful to any person whose daily living is impaired by drugs and substances. Do you find that you must engage in illegal activities like stealing to satisfy your needs for drugs? If so, know that you are headed the wrong path. Early intervention proves to be more efficient. People who merely abuse drugs can be prevented from being addicts if they are willing to deal with the issue at hand while they can.

There is hope for any addict in Canada. You don’t have to suffer alone. We are willing to help you check your addictions.    


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