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 Successful Intervention by Canadian Interventionist in Vancouver BC

Breaking the chains of addiction is not an easy task. For some, it can take months, years or sadly, never. If you have ever been an addict or have a friend suffering or recovering from addiction, you will understand what it takes to do away with the harmful habit. The best interventionist Vancouver BC can be found at Canadian Interventionist. We have put efforts to eradicate addiction through offering workable solutions to all addicts. If you don’t have an idea of what an interventionist does, here’s a clue; offering approaches to curb destructive actions. A successful interventionist must provide both safety and compassion to the clients.

Slow but Sure Progress

Our interventionists give consistent progressive assistance to the members who need our services. The difference between us and other interventionists is that we have guidelines and protocols which have been proved to work before. It is comforting to know that your interventionist is organized and follows a program when helping you wean off your addiction. Otherwise, you will have a short stride that will not get you anywhere. We know how to deal with people who think that they have hit rock bottom in their addictions.     

Interventionist Vancouver BC | Canadian Interventionist provide trained professionals in the field of addiction


Make an individual feel empowered during recovery from their addiction. In fact, the individual, as well as the family, needs empowerment. It is useless to deal with the addict and forget his or her family who should see them as they recover. A lack of motivation leads to addicts relapsing. Addictions are personal experiences which require a careful and considered approach. People with active addictions must not feel isolated, they need to feel understood and appreciated. One can only open up when they feel included as opposed to stigmatized. An interventionist converts a daunting experience into a bridge that sees the addict transform from their former practices.

Recovery Through Abstinence

While there are many ways to addiction intervention, recovery through abstinence is sure to pay off if conducted faithfully. We help addicts deal with their problems by encouraging abstinence. The practice of abstinence is painful in the beginning. However, when you focus on the juicy fruits at the end of the line, you can get going. The finances used to gratify the pleasures of addiction can channel other projects. Finally, you can protect yourself from morbidity and mortality due to drug and substance abuse. Get your interventionist today in Vancouver BC to help you become a better person.   

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