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Addiction Intervention Vancouver BC – Understanding the impact 

You may have come across the term addiction many times but not Addiction Intervention. Have you ever wondered about the complexity of addiction and how much impact it has on individuals? Canadian Interventionist is your addiction partner ready to answer all your questions and concerns.

Addiction Intervention Vancouver BC | Canadian Interventionist


What is Addiction?

People share a common belief that addiction stops at drugs and alcohol. However, the term addiction covers a broad range of behaviors including gambling, sex, shopping, substance abuse. An individual diagnosed with addiction shows signs of chronic, relapsing, compulsive activity seeking and accomplishment. As a result of this, their actions are usually harmful to the individual or loved ones but have an association of pleasure.


An intervention means any deliberate action taken by an individual or a third party aimed at improving a currently lousy situation. An addiction intervention is, therefore, a preplanned action taken towards averting an adverse outcome due to addiction. In Vancouver BC, there are healthcare professionals who train to deal with such medico-social problems.

How does the Addiction Intervention process work?

In case you are wondering about the details of addiction intervention, you can have peace of mind that your situation is going to be handled by a team of personnel from different disciplines. A family or a friend may accompany you to meet the doctor or a licensed counselor experienced in your type of addiction. The first step in successful addiction intervention is to help the individual understand that they have a problem which needs prompt attention. Some people have insight and can pick out for themselves the need for help. However, most patients who need assistance do not understand why people consider their addiction a source of problems.


The addiction intervention team will meet the addict and inform him or her of the consequences of their behavior. They highlight the negative impacts of drugs and impulsive actions professionally.  For example, the nature of the events leading to the addiction should not be over-emphasized.  An addict should not feel disheartened or discouraged during their recovery by comments that can damage their integrity. The most effective way to do it is to let the individual gauge the risks associated with their behavior from the presentation.

How do I measure the success of a program?

Most of the time, one can quit on their behavior after thorough counseling in the addiction intervention program. It is important to note that being consistent with the meetings will offer one an advantage. Participate in the discussions and open up to the team about your challenges and hurdles.     

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