Intervening Addiction from Prescription Drugs

Intervening Addiction from Prescription Drugs

Intervening Addiction From Prescription Drugs – Who is affected?

Almost everyone has ever used some form of a drug for pain or other symptoms. You could be taking some pill for muscle pain, arthritis, asthma, or epilepsy. What happens when you are addicted to these drugs? Canadian Interventionist offers help in addictions acquired from the use of prescribed medications. We will not rest until your habit of misusing the prescription pill comes to an end. While it may seem uncommon, millions of people are susceptible to this type of drug addiction. Most of the cases happen accidentally or due to poor health seeking habits. This includes people who don’t get a medical diagnosis for their condition.

Getting to the Root of the Addiction Crisis

When you visit Canadian Interventionist, with the complaint of drug addition, we are interested in finding the root cause. Prescription drugs of abuse are generally in three classes.

  • Analgesics like opioids
  • CNS stimulants
  • CNS depressants

You could be at risk of getting addicted to one or more of the classified drugs. Each has a way of making the body crave for the pill. Some people continue taking the drugs even after they are cured of their ailments.

The Risk of Addiction

If you take the drugs for the right purpose, you will not be at a risk of getting addicted. Canadian Interventionist knows that those people who take pills for fun or less serious health issues tend to get addicted. Pathways in the brain are stimulated to give the feeling of happiness and elation of mood. This is a form of a reward that is necessary for getting psyche in life. In fact, these systems exist in the body. The drugs simply augment their effects. When this is happening, the body produces less of the hormones responsible for happiness. Withdrawing the drugs causes mood disturbances and hence the craving.

Dangers of Prescription Drugs

It is well established that drugs have side effects. Canadian Interventionist is concerned with preventing the side effects from killing the drug abusers. Most drugs of abuse have a therapeutic window in which one can take them safely. However, due to tolerance, an addict gets tempted to increase the dose. Taking an extra dose drives you nearer to serious side effects. People die from respiratory failure because the drugs suppress the brain center that supports such vital functions. Other side effects include liver damage, kidney failure, and damage to the heart.

Lost Control? Canadian Interventionist offers Help

Intervening Addiction From Prescription Drugs - Canadian Interventionist - professional drug and substance abuse intervention

It begins with taking a pill and you don’t feel much effect. You continue using the pill and your brain gets excited. Soon, you get to a point where you have lost control. This is the time when you can’t go back without help. Seek intervention from Canadian Interventionist before matters get worse. You will be helped to focus on other things like family, friends, career, and hobbies. Without this, your life will only revolve around drugs. Take advantage of our professional drug and substance abuse intervention today.  

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