Substance Abuse Intervention Toronto

Canadian Interventionist offers solutions to substance abuse in Toronto and throughout Canada. Addiction recovery and rehabilitation is the way to go when one has failed in every other attempt.   

Signs that one needs Substance abuse intervention

Friends and relatives may not know how to approach their loved one who is in substance abuse. The addict may deny the problem making it worse. Substance abuse intervention is helpful if your loved one has the following signs:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Worsening physical state
  • Secretive nature
  • Constant borrowing of money for unknown uses
  • Apathy and lack of energy
  • Issues at workplace
  • Health problems
  • Depressed state
  • Eating disorders and compulsion

Staging Substance abuse intervention

When you see an individual with any signs of deterioration, it is time to stage an intervention. The first and most crucial step in substance abuse intervention is finding a caring specialist. He or she will ignite communication between the affected parties. The therapist knows how to get into the life of the addict and break the vicious circle that entangles them.

Family members alone cannot conduct a successful intervention because the individual is used to them. The addict can become stubborn and refuse to answer questions. An intervention specialist will act as a mediator between the addict and other parties who offer assistance.

Research into the Problem in Hand

Every patient has specific symptoms and signs of disease. Addiction is like any other disease which requires in-depth study. You need to know the extent of the issue so that you decide on the treatment options. For substance abuse intervention to be a success, each person should be treated differently. No one management solution cuts across all substance abuses.  

Decide the Course of Action

What will you do if the addict chooses not to receive treatment? Every member of the intervention should have a course of action. One way to go is to do financial restriction. Substances of abuse are costly, and they need constant money. The substance abuse intervention may not be a smooth process for the addict. Sometimes one should be asked to move out before they decide to act on their addiction.

No matter the sanctions put in place, the substance abuser should be supported by the family and friends. Forms of assistance may include emotional encouragement to help them stay sober and avoid going back to the drugs. While offering support, however, the family should be careful to shun any enabling behavior. Otherwise, the substance abuse intervention may be fruitless.  

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