Substance Abuse Interventionist Vancouver BC

Substance Abuse Interventionist Vancouver BC

Substance Abuse Interventionist Vancouver BC

Substance Abuse Interventionist Vancouver BC

Drug Overdose

The current trend indicates that many teenagers and young adults have easy access to drugs. They get introduced to drugs by adults who have failed to solve their addiction. Looking at the first half of 2017, Canada lost about 1460 people who would have helped in the economy. The reason for death is usually drug overdose, and this calls for the need for substance abuse interventionist Vancouver BC.

Canadian Interventionist

The Canadian Interventionist provide active substance abuse interventionists reaching Vancouver BC and other parts of Canada. Without the help of interventionists like Canadian Interventionist, we will continue to lose more precious lives. 

Drugs worth Fighting

Opioids are a cause of drug crisis in Canada, and they made readily affordable in the markets. Sadly, this type of medication is being abused even by healthcare professionals. They are the individuals that the Government hoped would help fight the drug issue. No is to blame for the crisis. People who regularly use heroin often develop a tolerance to that drug that causes the addiction. They need higher and more frequent doses of the drug to get the desired effects. It takes just a few courses of trying the drug for one to be addicted and even dependent.   

Mechanisms of Death

Why would the opioids cause deaths yet medical professionals are using them. Canadian Interventionist deals with many cases of drug addiction. Many substance abuse interventionists in Vancouver BC know that people die from laced drugs. Morphine or heroin mixes with other substances to make the user experience higher drug effects. The Opioid medicine Fentanyl alone is hundred times more toxic than morphine. If one combines fentanyl, heroin, and morphine, the drugs have a cumulative toxic effect.


The drugs get into one’s system and make one uncomfortable without them. Canadian Interventionist will help you or your loved one live without the drugs. It may not be easy, but you can beat addiction. We can help in acute cases where one has taken toxic levels of the drugs. Furthermore, you will get treatment right away as soon as you need it. Early intervention is better for the addict and everyone else. We have the necessary skills and expertise to deal with addictions.

Don’t suffer a day longer when Canadian Interventionist can solve it for you.  

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